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of each one. ( to conclude i agree that every school should be public in spain because if you have an education, you will have good future and you will be able to study a degree.

is bulling nowdays a big problem at school in spain? At first sight i suppose that bulling is more and more spead on, as people dont know its problems that it can cause. ( on the whole the bulling is caused by young people who dont know the harm that it can cause, aalthough there are more and more chats to teach people about this issue. To my mind i think the person that suffers bullying is caused because this person doesnt have self-esteem noor support of other people. If you are billied you should ask your teachers of family for help. ( to conclude i think that bulling nowdays is a big problem at school in spain because there are more and more victims and nobody dpes anything to change it.

do you think that some foreigners are victims of racism in spain? To begin with i think all the foreigners who arrive legally to sapin should be treated like any spanish citizen. ( in my point of view every body has the night of a decent life a work daily nutrition and social relation but i think that they will be well accepted if they respect our laws and costums ( finally i agree some foreigners are victims in spain because thet dont get adapted to our society.

do you think that having a job is issential for everyone? At first sight i suppose that having on own decent job is the most important things for a person nowdays. ( on the one hand i believe that having a job is an essential element for the sustain and development of any society. This is the besement of economy and the basic factor for the growth of the person. On the other hand it is said that a person is unemployed when thet dont find a job. The unemployement is an element of disintegration as for that ,it limits people´s freedom and also the personal situation ( to conclude i agree that having a job is essential for everyone to avoid the bad self-esteem and the unemployment.

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