Concept of education

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2. how education Affects human nature. Man looking at the shadows in the wall=imagination Stage, a man that gets freed and looks at the fire and feels pain. fire=culture. The shapes in the wall represent 5 senses common sense. The man Gets dragged out more pain. Now he sees real things=necessary Truths. Sees the sun and gets intellection. sun=goodness.

3. Plato=appetitive, Spirited, calculative. wisdom=knowing what each part needs to Flourish. courage=preserve what is to be feared. moderation=not Letting the lower rule the higher. justice=combination of all 3. Aristotle(non-rational)vegetative=involuntary actions we Share with plants. appetitive=biological function we share with Animals.(rational part)calculative=determine contingent truths.theoretical=  responsible for determining necessary truths.Moral virtues:control The appetitive part ex.Courage,temperance,honesty,patience,liberality.Intellectual Virtues:controls the rational part of the soul Ex.Wisdom,prudence,argumentation prowess,intuition.

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