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-garowe: most important education center

-kismayo: southport

-the coin: 29 shillings are equivalent to 1 mexican peso

-guntiino: It is a long stretched cloth that is tied over the shoulder and draped around the waist

-Henna: designs made in the skins of womens in special occasions like weddings or holidays

-mosque: islamic temple visited for its architecture 

-thes paintings date from the year of 8000 - 9000 BC0

-thes paintings date from the year of 8000 - 9000 BC

-Cathedral of Mogadishu This cathedral is a christian cathedral and it’s important because it represents how in an invasion of a country, some aspects such as the culture and the religion culture and religion are imposed. 

canjeero can be prepared and served with sugar and cinnamon

cammel hamburger

-spring → manantial

lamadaya. River that crosses a big part of the country and ends in thee falls and in a little lake

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