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Q.10. Why is the tertiary sector becoming more important than other sectors in India? Give four reasons. Ans. Tertiary sector has become important in India due To
(i) Basic services like hospitals, education, post and telegraph, courts etc. Are the responsibility of the government.
(ii) Demand for services such as transport, trade, storage has increased with The development of primary and secondary sectors.
(iii) Demand for tourism, shopping, private schools, private hospitals etc. Increased with the increase in the level of income.
(iv) Rapid growth of service sector also benefitted from external demand such As software industry and call centre services.

Q.11. What is the significance of secondary sector in Indian economy? How does it Help in theeconomic development of the country? Ans. After Independence secondary sector or manufacturing sector became the most important In total production and employment. In the past 30 years, service sector has Taken a lead in terms of total production and employment. However, tertiary Sector is largely dependent on secondary sector. Goods produced need to be Sold, marketed and distributed. Banking activities and insurance sector get a Boost by an expanding secondary sector. All sector are inter-related and Expansion or shrinking of one sector has effects on other sectors too. As of Now primary sector is the leading employer followed by tertiary and secondary Sectors in that order. In terms of share in GDP tertiary sector is the leading Sector followed by primary and secondary sectors.

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