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What were the main characteristics of the Old Regime? Why did revolutionaries give this name to that period?

-Political absolutism

-Class society

-Economy based and agriculture

Becouse they thought it had to end and that was an antique system

Why did the European population grow so muchin the 18th century?

-Becouse of good weather conditions for farming

-Becouse of consumption of new foods for America

Which social group felt menaced by the ascent of the urban working class?

The Church,the nobility and the king,becouse the lost power.

What was the main purpose of the Enlightenment philosophers?

To restructure society around new ethical values.

In your own words, summarise the principles that guided Enlightenment.







What are the main ideas of political liberalism?

-Separation of powers

- Moderate monarchy

-Freedom of religion

-Sovereighty in hands of the people

-Civil rights

-Indicial reform

Why did some monarchs accept the ideas of Enlightened despotism?

Because it didn’t decrease their absolute power as it incorporated “topdown” reforms, which made an illusion of progress that legitimished ther power.

What measures were taken by monarchs to implement enlightened despotism?

-No longer calling Parliaments or Courts

-Reorganising the provincial administration

-Extending transport routes

-Training industrial workers

-Practising regalism

Describe why the Encyclopaedia was such an important publication.

Because it summarised all the Knowledge of the time.

What types of books were shared in Enlightenment salons?

Knowledge books.

What was the main purpose of the Academies?

To give lectures, rend scientific and literary works and carry out practical work.

What are the most significant elements of the Rococo style?

Excessive use of socaille

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