How do computers affect the way you spend your free time

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1.- You would Like your friend to go to the Mona Foundation to work this summer. Try to Convince him or her. You should come, I’m  going to work there too! We can Spend summer together.2.- Your friend thinks Paris is  the most mouthwatering destination . Agree or Disagree. Give reasons. I agree with you Guys, because Paris is a very beautiful city and it has a lot of interesting History. 3.- “I am going alone to Japan  Next week”, your friend Nisamar announces. What would you say to her? That’s cool! Have fun and bring me some Souvenirs.4.- Your friend says that the film based on a book you’ve just Seen is wonderful. Express your Disagreement. I didn’t like the movie at all, because it is nothing like the Book; they miss scenes and the characters are not the same.

CONVERTATION.B2. How many nights are you going to Stay?

A4. To the garden, please. Could Someone take my luggage upstairs? A5. What time does the restaurant Close?A6. Where is my room?A1. I would like to exchange some Money.A2. What's the exchange rate?A4. Would you like it all in notes?A5. Coins  CONVERTATION A. Good afternoon. I would like to book a room.B:1. What type of room do you want A

. Single, please.B:2.How many Beds do you want?A. Two. Do you accept credit cards?B: 3. Yes sir.B. Would you prefer views of the garden or of the Swimming-pool?A:4. To the garden please. They could upload my Luggage?B. Of course, sir. The bell boy will take your baggage Upstairs.A: 5. Until this time the restaurant open?B. It closes at eleven pm It's still openA: 6. Okay, thanks. Which is my room?B. On the first floor. Room 122. Here is your key.A: 7. Worth. Where is the lift?B. The lift is at the end of the hall, on the right. A:8. Okay, thank you very much.TRADUCCION.

I’m looking for information about Work camps.

2..I’m interested in volunteering Holidays.

3.Have you got information about Volunteering holidays?

How long would you like to stay?

5.Do we have any free time to go Sightseeing?

6.What’s the name the institution?

8.What nationality is it?

9.When would you like to go?

10. how long have you been playing Tennis?

11.Quiero ir. Esta es una buena forma de Ayudar y de pasar unas buenas vacaciones. I’d like to go. This is a good way to Help and to spend good holidays.

CORRECCION.Friend..To inform..London..Will travel..Most Confortable..Transport..Four-star Hotel ..Convenient.. It provides ..In the Afternoon, I am going..The Buckingham Palace...I will take..Beautiful--Big Ben..The varied Landscape ..Join me?


Dear Mom. I’m sorry I haven’t written for a while, but i 've been very busy, So, how are you? We do not talk much , I miss you. I write this letter because you wanted to know howthis beingmy experienceis being, this jobis noteasy but of course this isvery good for me, I feel good to be able to help those who most need it andreach out many people do not give (this is not clear). I also wanted to tell you that I'll be herefora longtime , doing everything possible for these peopleso thatthey can improve their lives , until then, hope to see you soon andthefamily, Iamreally looking forward to seeing you, anyway I hope you are all well. Love, Selma.

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