How do computers affect the way you spend your free time

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In my school the teachers are very good with you and they Will help you in everything they can.The subjects are very easy since they help You and they will be much easier.Every week you will have a subject that Explains the rules you should follow. At lunchtime, you will have two hours of free time to study or play/I recommend you put atention  the teachers about their subjects and you will Have good luck at your marks be very good//

Hi.I recommend you read Harry Potter's book since you like Fantasy and magic, I think you will love it/the characters do incredible things With magic and the end is the best since the game they play is very interesting And spectacular/For me it's the best book I've ever seen/if you like the book You can see the movie that is much better but first I recommend you read the Book/I prefer to buy in the store because you can try and look perfectly at Your purchases because in the photo it is not the same as in real life, the Disadvantages are that you have to spend petrol and time and you get tired more/The Advantages of buying online are that you save a lot money bacause the thing Online are chap , the disadvantages are that you can not try the products or Return them/Catch up/alcanzar/join in/unierse/miss out/omitir/try Out/probar/fill up/llena/st up/preparar/turn up/aparecer

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