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Dear editor,
I am writing in response tgo an article I came across in Tuesday´s edition of your newspaper. I was disappointed to read comments stating that travelling by train is a thing of the past. As a person who travels usually by train, I would like to point out the advantages of travelling by train.
Firstly, there is the obvious advantage that it doesn´t cost a lot of money. It is cheaper tan, for example, travelling by plane or bus but that is not the only thing. Trains are safer tan other mmeans of transport.
Next, let´s talk about confort. Compared to buses, cars or planes, many trips are bearable. Travelers don´t have to wear seat belts and you can walk up and down the length of the train whileit´s moving. Some trains have a restaurant. If you travel during the night, you can sleep in a bed. You can abo carbe provided with free wi.Fi.
Finally,I travel once a month by train to Sevilla. The journey is wonderful. I spend less time tan if I´d travel by bus or car. During the trip I have the chance to see sightsbthat I would never see from a plane or a bus. Moreover, I have my suitcase always by my side.
Kind regards,
Sheila Tomás Covian.

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