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  • Any Illegal or unauthorized behaviour in connection with computers and computer networks.
  •  Examples of computer crime include:

lcomputer sabotage.

lunauthorized access.

lcomputer forgery.

ldamage To computer data or programs.

lcomputer fraud.

lcomputer espionage.

lunauthorized Use of a computer.

lunauthorized Use of a protected computer program.



Viruses and other invaders.

Also Sabotage of hardware or software.

Modern Computers saboteurs commonly use software.

The Name given to the saboteurs destructive programs are:



Trojan horses

They Mimic the behavior of living organisms


  • Is a program That performs a useful task while at the same time carrying out some Secret destructive act.
  • Software Hides an enemy in an attractive package.
  • Trojan Horses are often posted on programs on the web sites with names that make Them sound like games or utilities.
  • When an Unsuspected person downloads and runs such a program, it might erase Files, change data or cause other damage.
  • Logic bomb:
    • is Programmed to attack in response to a particular logical event or Sequence of events.
  • Time bomb:
    • When the Logic bomb is activated by a time-related event.


  • A Software virus spreads from program to program, or from disk to disk and Uses infected programs or disk to make more copies of itself.

Passes from computer to computer by producing copies Of itself

  • Virus Software is usually hidden in the operating system of a computer or in Application programs.
  • A Virus is usually operating system specific.
  • There Are exceptions: Macro viruses attach themselves to documents that contain Macros (Microsoft office)
  • Email Viruses they spread through emails, ex: Melissa, I love you and Chernobyl.


  • Like viruses Worms use computer host to reproduce themselves.
  • But unlike Viruses, worms programs travel independently over computer networks, Seeking out uninfected workstations to occupy
  • A typical worm resides in a workstation’s memory rather than on disk, so the worm Can be eliminated by shutting down all of the workstations of the network


A key logger is a type of surveillance software that Has the capability to record

every keystroke you make to a log file.

A key logger recorder can record:

                                                instant messages,

                                                e-mail, and

                                               any Information you type at any time using your keyboard.

The log file created by the key logger can then be Sent to a specified receiver.


Spam is electronic junk mail or junk newsgroup postings.

Some people define spam even more generally as any unsolicited email


Is the act of sending an e-mail to a user falsely Claiming to be an established

 legitimate Business in an attempt to cheat the user into giving private

 information That will be used for malicious purposes.

 The e-mail Directs the user to visit a Web site where they are asked to:

 update personal Information,  such as.

 passwords and credit card,

 social security,

and bank account numbers,

 that the Legitimate organization already has.

The Web site, however, is faked  and set up only to steal the user’s Information.


  • Antivirus Programs are designed to search for viruses, notify users when they are Found and remove them from infected disks or files.
  • You Must update your antivirus program.


  • With computer crime on the rise Computer security has become an important concern for systems Administrators and computer users.


One way to reduce the risk of security breaks, is to Make sure that the only authorized personnel have access to computer equipment.

  • Something You have: a key, an ID card with a photo , a smart card containing Digitally encoded ID in a built-in memory chip.
  • Something You know: a password, an ID number a piece of personal history.
  • Something You do: your signature, your typing speed ,an error pattern.
  • Something About you; a voice print, fingerprint, retina scan, facial feature scan or Other individual body characteristic, they are called BIOMETRICS .
  • Many systems Use a combination of controls.
  • Passwords: Are the most common tool used to restrict access to computer systems.     


A firewall is a gateway with a lock; the locked gate Is opened only for information that pass one or more security inspections.

  • Organizations Use firewalls to keep their internal network secure while allowing Communication with the rest of the internet.
  • They Are designed to serve at the same function to guard against unauthorized Access to an internal network.


Run secure OS or use virus protection software

Never run macros unless you know their source.

Never run executable attachments

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