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Global warming: Problems such as global warming make us worry about the way we are taking care of the environment. Not only governments are responsible, we can also take measures to protect the environment. There areeasy-to-do thingsthat we can do at home. We should save water by taking showers instead of baths. Keeping the water running when we brush our teeth or shave is something we should avoid doing. Moreover, there are also things we can do every day to save electricity. For example, we can turn the lights offwhenever we leave a room and use compact fluorescent light bulbs, which use less electricity than other bulbs. In our town, there are recycling bins that we should use to recycle our paper, glass and plastic rubbish. Keeping the parks clean and using public transport is also essential to reduce pollution. In short, protecting the environment is a task that we should all be involved in.

Technology: Nowadays, there is a compulsive use of technology, both by young people and by grown up, But the use of the devices, is not the same at different ages, and that´s why adults use it, in a Great percentage, in their jobs. Secondly, young people have not got the same control than Adults, in the use time, that means, young people can be playing and using the laptop, tablet… For hours, but adults, can control the time they are playing and measure how many time is Healthy and safe use it. Finally, adults are more conscious about the “dangers” on the web, Meanwhile children can watch unsuitable contents or contact with dangerous people. These Are the main reasons why children must always use electronical devices, mainly if these ones Have internet connection, under parental control and during previous estimated time.

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