What is there in commom between the verb want and verb depend

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Pres Simple (tear) à Past Simple (tore)

Pres Continuous  (am tearing) à Past Continuous (was tearing)

Past Simple (tore) à Past Perfect Simple (had torn)

Past Continuous (was tearing)à  Past Perf Cont (had been Tearing)

Present Perfect Simple (have torn) à Past Perf Simple (had torn)

Present Perf Contin( have been tearing)à Past Perf Cont(had been tearing)

Past Perfect Simple (had torn) à Past Perfect Simple (same)

Past Perfect Continuous (had Been tearing) à Past Perf Cont (same)

Will (will tear)à Would (would tear)

Am going to (am going to tear) -> Was going to (was going to tear)

MOD VERBS : Can/Could (could), May/Might (might), Should/ought to (II), Have to/must (had to)

TIME PLACE ADV: here, there (II) today (that day), yesterday (day before), tomorrow (day after), last (the previous), Next (the following), this/that/those (that, those), it (that,it)

1. VERB+ THAT+ SENT: announced, confessed, complained, insisted, stated, affirmed, Mentioned, realised, suggested, protested, demanded, admitted, agreed, Explained, reminded, promised, accepted, assured, exclaimed, pointed out, Wondered if. [advised, persuaded, reminded+ obj)

2.VERB+ TO+ INF: agreed, decided, offered, hoped, wished, promised, threatened, Preferred, refused, accepted, demanded

3.VERB + OBJ+ TO+ INF: advised, forbade, asked, offered, encouraged, persuaded, Reminded, warned, begged, invited, urged/forced, ordered, introduced, Threatened, commanded

4.1.VB+ OBJ+ PREP+ ING: accused of, discouraged from, praised for, congratulated On, apologised for, warned about, agree with sm1 on, complained of, insisted On, blame for

4.2. VERB + ING: Admitted having..., suggested, denied, regretted, recommended, Proposed

4.3. VERB + ING/ THAT+ SENT: Suggest/recommend that they go/going

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