What is there in commom between the verb want and verb depend

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Reported speech:

Verb+to infinitive (agree,decide, Demand, offer, promise, propose, refuse, swear, …)

Verb+sb+to infinitive ( advise, beg, Encourage, forbid, instruct, invite, order, urge,…)

Verb+ing (admit, deny, recommend, Suggest)

Changes verbs: Present simple-> past simple /  Present contin-> past contin

Past simple-> past perfect simple/Past contin-> past perfect contin

Pres perfect simple -> past Perfect simple/Prest perfect conti -> past Perfect contin

Am/is/are going to -> was/were Going to / Will-> would /Can -> could

May-> might / Must-> had to

changes words: Here-> there ***This/these-> that/those

This/that+noun-> the+noun*****Ago-> before******Last week-> the week before

Next week-> the week after****Now-> then*****Today/tonight-> that day/that Night

This morning-> that morning****Tomorrw-> the day after***Yestrdy-> the day befre

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