What is there in commom between the verb want and verb depend

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Unit 4

Style adjetives:                          verb collocation:                               Clothing

Brand new                                 dress to Impress                                 accessory

Comfotable                               dress well                                             Cast-offs

Designer                                     follow fashion                                     classic

High street                                 look good                                             dress-code

 On-trend                                   make a good Impression                   garment

Practical                                      make a statement                             gear

Retro                                                                                                         Must-have

Second hand                                                                                           outfit

Unique                                                                                                     Replicas

Vintage                                                                                                    Trend

Phrasal verbs                           Adjetives+prepositions

Catch on                                   accustomed To

Dress up                                   amazed at

go with                                     annoyed at

pull on                                      anxious About

wrap up                                    ashamed of

                                                   Attached to

                                                  Aware of

                                                   Capable of

                                                   Characteristic of

                                                   Conscious of

                                                   Excellent at

                                                   Familiar with

                                                   Indifferent to         ready For    responsible with   satisified with   serious about      shocked at     sorry for 

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