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Liverpool Work done by  Lúa .

Liverpool is a Maritime city in northwestern England, where the Mersey River meets the Irish Sea. There are 552,267 millions of People

It is a big city :

the beatles took the famous photo

Liverpool is the seventh most visited city in the United Kingdom. It stands out for its culture, architecture and transport Links. The city is closely associated with the arts, particularly music

Especially  the  music by the beatles a very important  group of  pop-rock  music, in liverpool is the famous crosswalk where the beatles took the famous photo :   

in liverpool there are also more things apart  the history of beatels such as their typical food. One of Liverpool's most popular meals is“Bubble and squeak”, a dish made with potatoes and cabbage, in addition to carrots, beans, Brussels sprouts and any other vegetables that are available at the time, and served with cold meat from the Sunday Roast, another typical dish

                  “Bubble and squeak”

Another thing that represent liverpool it is the  climate is a humid climate, there is no much sun and there are usually clouds and rains but almost always there are pleasant temperatures 13 or 14 degrees
The largest British festival, dedicated entirely to the music of the black continent, is held annually in downtown Liverpool. Africa Oye is the summer open-air festival that has its roots in street concerts, which were organized by Liverpool enthusiasts and bearers of African culture in 1992. The main objective of this festival was the destruction of a negative public stereotype about Africa


I took all this information from different google websites for examiciones--2601422.Htm

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