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atom: is the smalest particula o mater

compand: is a combination of two or more ellement
element: is a basic substance that is made up of one particula
number: is a a measure of the number of protons
proton: is a part of an atom positive electrical
ion: is an atom or combination of atom negative
neutron: is a part of an atom with no electrical charge
mass number: is measure of number of protons and neutrons iis an atom
nucleus: is the central sert of a cell that contains dna
diatomic moleculaas: contains two atom
 work: is an action or movement produced by kinectc energy
frame reference: is a set o values on wich measurements
energy quality: id s measure of how much energy is requires to do useful work
conserve: something is to use little or none of something svsilsblr at leter time
energy efficiency: is a meassure of how much energy ir requires to acomplish a particular amont
electromagnetic radiation: is that energy that travels un waves
heat: its a form of energy that produce high temperatures
thermal energy: something its to change the location of something
potential energy: is not active
kinetcive energy: active or moving
transfers: something ischasnch the location
chemical energy: that is reduced by the interaction of chemical subtances
perioct table: is a chart that organizated elements into grups
elemt symbole: one or two letter ndesignation that sceintist use to refer an elemt
electron configuration:is s system that shows how electrons are disrtibuted
period: is one row i¿On the periodic tabe
electron shell: is the path of an electron followa as it orbits the nucleus
group: is a collection of elements that are found in the same column
valance shell: is an atoms outermost electron shell
gases nobe: element that is ot chemicall reactive under normal cir
blocks: set of neighboring gropups in the perioduic table
ionization energy: miniom amount of energy requered to remove an electorn 
electron effinity: negative cgharge that accurs when a aton recives an extra electron
solovent: substance whit a solut
solution: is a mixture or two of more s
limitimg reactant: is the first reactant to be completeby consumes in chemical r
catalysts: is the subtances taht stairs or increase the rate 
product: created as the result of a process
reactant: is a subtance that ´participates during chemical r
reagent: substance added to a system to cause a chemical 
in excees: somethiong it surppases
concentration: refers to the numbre of molecules of substance
yield: is the amount of somethind that is produces during a process
CSTR: continuos strired tank reacotr
match reactor: is a type of reactor that remains completely sealis while reaction
tank: is a large contaner that can hold liquids or gas
tubular reactor: alaso called a plug a follow reactor is a type of reactor 
bioreactor: is a device wercha  reactor or process
acitavte slug: is a sewage or wast waker
membrane bioreactor: is a reactor that uses both a membarbe proceess and mcrooo
impeller: part pf machine that rotates
colling jacket: is a covering placed around a contaner such do a tank or..

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