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matter is everything that has mass and occupies space. Due to its mass every object: is attracted by the earth with a force named weight opposes resistance to change its state of movement
characteristics properties are those that we can use to identify a substance and distinguish it from all others. Density, melting point, boiling point and chemical composition general properties don't allow to distinguish between sustances. Length, volume or mass.
pure substances has a defined chemical composition and a set of characteristics physicals and chemical properties. From a pure substance, other simpler substances cannot be obtained by physical methods such us filtration or evaporation. They're homogeneous mixtures: they can be separated by physical processes, their properties depend on the proportions in which their components are found. Can be homogenous or heterogeneous
homogeneous can't see the components
heterogeneous can see the components
the density of a material is its mass per unit volume.  D=m/v  s.I= kg/m3
concentration: g/l=ms/v
solute: sal
solvent: water
solutions: todo

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