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The elements are made up of discrete particles of matter (atoms), which are indivisible and inalterable. All the atoms of a single element are the same size and mass, but are different to the atoms of any other element. Compounds are formed when the atoms of different elemnts join together in a constant, simple numerical ratio. In a chemical reaction, the atoms regroup such that they are arrangued differently to how they were before. However, they are not created or destroyed
The atom is the basic unit or minimum amount of a chemical element that can be take part in a chemical reaction
Thomson´s discovery of the first subatomic particle led him to propose the first atomic model to treat the atom as a divisible particle. He believed that, since the mass of the electrons was so small in comparison to that the atom, the majority of the mass must be concretared in the positive charge. Therefore, the latter would have to take up nearly the entire volume of the atom. Thomson therefore postulated that:
The atom is a positively chargued sphere enclosing enough electrons to make an overall neutral charge
The atom contains a very small part, which he called the nucleus, which is positevely chargued and contains nearly all of the mass. The electrons move around the nucleus in an area that is very far away at atomic scale. This area is known as the electron shell. The atom is electrically neutral, since the positive charge of the nucleus balances out the negative chargue of the nucleus balances out the negative chargue of the shells

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