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Peaceful coexistence

Jruschev’s desestalinization was the beginning of peaceful coexistence.

  • USSR could expand communism and they accepted the other bloc

There was an incident with an American spy

In 1961 the USSR decided to build a wall in order to prevent their citizens from escaping to West Berlin.

The missile crisis

The CIA tried to pull down Castro’s regime with the landing of Bahía Cochinos, but they failed.

As a consequence, the Soviets placed nuclear missiles in Cuba, threatening North American cities and causing the United States to announce a military blockade.

  • After several days, the Soviets dismantile their missile bases and the United States ended the blockade.

The distension

After Cuba, the two governments could communicate with each other directly with the “red telephone” that connected the White House to the Kremlin directly.

  • That way, they could avoid misunderstandings.

Another important step was the SALT (Strategic Arms Limitation Talks) agreements about the limitation of nuclear weapons and put an end to the arms race.

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