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:BRITAIN-egypt Nigeria suth Africa uyanda kenya –india malasia Anatolia new zelandFRANCE-algesia Morocco westerms Africa-indochinaGERMANY-togo Cameron Nambia –bisonanble archipielagoITALY- Libya Eritrea Italian someliaSPAIN: morocco equatorial Guinea BELGIUM: Belgium congoUSA:-x philipines hawaiJAPAN-korea Taiwan malasiaRUSSIA:Siberia Kazakistan  WWI; Although the assassination of Franz Ferdinand in 1914 is cited as the first Event leading directly to World War 1 , Russia mobilizes its vast army to Intervene against Austria-Hungary in favor of its ally, Serbia. Germany Invades Belgium, beginning World WaI WW2pstcon: In summer (45) representation of the USA Truman the USSR (Stalin) Bitain(Atlee)met again in the Postdaw conference.A) Germany was divided in 4 zones USA USSR BRITAIN FRANCE within the Soviet zone was also divided into 4 Zones also established that Nazi war criminals would be tried at the Nuxemberg Trials he amount of German war reparation and Poland´s borders

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