Three Christian kingdoms at the beginning of the Middle Ages

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At the end of the 15th century,The Catholic Monarchs´ Isabel 1 of Castilla and Fernando 11 of Aragón established an authoritarian monarchy on the Iberian Peninsula.THE DINASTIC UNION OF CASTILLA AND ARAGON: In 1469,Isabel married Fernando the Crown Prince of Aragón.When the King of Castilla died a Civil War broke out between the followers of Juana la Beltraneja and those of Isabel.The conflict ended in 1479 with the victory of Isabel.In the same year,Fernando became the King of Aragón.This resulted in the dynastic union of Castilla and Aragón .Each kingdom retained its own institutions ,laws,language,currency and internal boundaries.DOMESTIC REFORMS:The catholic monarchs centralise power:()To weaken the power of the nobility:-A permanent army  -Military Orders under the monarchs´ control -The royaltreasury was given greater powers to control and administer tax collection -Council of experts advise monarchs  about; _territories;most important Council of Castilla,Aragón and Navarra _Specific matters:Council of military orders,Council of Inquisition... -The judicial systemof audiencias -A militia,The Santa Hermandad(Holy Brotherhood) figth crime in rural Castilla

()To reduce the autonomy of the kingdoms of the Hispanic Monarchy: -The power of General Cortes was reduced -The position of Viceroy was created -The inquisition was established in Castilla in 1478 to persecute falses conversions it wasa religious court ()To restrict the autonomy of the urban oligarchies: -In castilla the monarchs appointed the mayors  -In Aragón the sortition system selected by lottery  ()To improve international: -The diplomatic corps,which represented  monarchs in other kingdoms,was expanded RELIGIOUS POLICY:one of the main objectives was to establish religious unity in their domains.  The Jews and muslims were expelled 
()The Jews were persecuted by the Christian population towards the end oof the Middle Ages.In the 15th century this anti-Semistism increased.Those who agreed to convert were know as conversos and were investigated and persecuted by the Inquisition to prevent them from practising their old religion in secret  ()The Mudéjar were muslims who lived in Christian terrtories .They were expelled from Castilla in 1502 and from Aragón in 1526.Those who converted were know as Moriscos they were also persecuted y the inquisition.Mudéjar wre farmers their departure had a negative impact on agriculture   FOREING POLICY: catholic monarchs main objectives were the unification of the iberian peninsula,the insolation of france,the consolidation of the Crown of Aragón in the Mediterranean and the expansion across the atlantic ()Diplomatic strategies: -Union with Portugal  -Isolation of France  ()Military: -On the Iberian peninsula
_In 1492  surrederd the last existing Muslim state on the peninsula

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