I choose to live

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Admit,advise,avoid,begin,cant¨t help, cant¨t Stand, can¨t imagine, can’t face, complete, consider, continue, delay, detest, Discuss, dislike, don’t mind, enjoy, finish, forget, give up, go on, hate, Imagine, inlove, keep, like, Love, mention, mind, miss, postpone, practise, Prefer, recall, recommend, regret, remember, report, resist, risk, start, stop, Suggest, try, understand


Afford, agree, appear, arrange, ask, attempt, Beg, begin, choose, consent, continue, dare, decidí, demand, deserve, expect, Fail, forget, get ready, go on, hate, hesitate, hope, intend, learn, like, Love,  manage,mean,need,offer,prepare,pretend,promise,refuse,remember



Begin, continue, hate, like, Love, prefer, start

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