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INDIA: Ejercico 1) A) The Author feels uneasy about brightly-dressed happy tourists observing horrendous Poverty. B) The guided tour raises Money for a local charity that works in favour of the children. It also Educates both Indian and international visitors. Ejercicio 2: 1) False. The writer talks about an Indian post-graduate student who says "we have Come to educate ourselves about these homeless children who live near us. 2) True. The text states that "the organisers deny that this is the latest Manifestation of 'poorism'...Where rich foreigners come and gape at the lives Of impoverished inhabitants of developing countries."3) True. The writer States that "wearily, she lists the problems the children face"4) True. The text states "There Doesn't appear to be much formal teaching going on but the kids seem happy to Be there." Ejercicio 3: 1) Rehabilitate these children 2) profound misery 3)limbs 4) a battle against Hunger 5) dawn Ejercicio 4:1) in2) when3) leads4) up5) but6) such7) from8) over 

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