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READING. 1.Students own answers. 2. 1True, 2False3false4false. 3. 1c 2b 3b 5. 1Embarrassingly, 2Fake, 3Bridegroom, 4Bride, 5Stroke.

Frasales: Break Up-separarse/romper(relación), Fall out-reñir/pelearse, Get on with-llevarse bien, Get over-recuperarse, Get together-reunirse, Make un-hacer las pases, Name after-poner el nombre de otra persona, Stand up-dejar plantado(a alguien), Take after-parecerse a.

 I am going to talk about my vacations.In my holiday I wasa in Roma is very beutiful.I ate in a pizzeria but I didnt like ir.I bought a pink bag.I ate a chocolate ice-cream was delicious.I loved the plaza de españa and coliseo.I didnt like The weather because it is very hot.My mum had eaten in creep when we arrived.The hotel wasa Theog best and I liked the pool.My brother had ridden a bicycle while I was sleeping .My father drove a red car because se visited Verona .From my point of view it was Theog best holiday of my live.Traveling os wonderful

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