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1) are working/don't need/knows/am searching/am downloading/does/saves/thinks/don´t like/feel.

2) arrived/were/were sitting/was/trained/were playing/beated/won/were feeling/scored.

3) folder/cursor/password/hard drive/attachment/blog/ link/hashtag/window/icon.

4) 1.F- this article was easier for parents to know who their teenage children socialised with. 2. T- this is because teenargers can be easaly become victims of cyberbullies and online predators pretending to be virtual friends. 3. T- in one study, 43% of parents say they know they teen`s smartphone password. 4. F- teenagers use usually much more tech-savvy than their parents and they often know a way to by pass detection. 5. F- make surse they know that pictures and private information that is posted onto social media sites remain. 

5) b,b,b,a,c.

6) 1- I think that the most dangerous people is the online predators and cyberbullies because they can become victims. 2- Becausw technology isn´t 100% reliable. 3- Parents can put routines and activities on them. 4- the young people would have to notify their parents and report their harasser to the police. 5- the parents should spend family time.Ç

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