A body is placed in a certain airstream

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the biotope = encompasses the non-living components pf the ecosystem , such as rocks and water , or physical conditions such as temperature 
biocoenosis= is made up of all the living organisms that inhabit the biotope 
the interaction in the ecosystem = abiotic factor : affect the biocoenosis ( soil and low temperatures Biotic factor: affect the biotope ( herbaceous plants increases the number of herbivores 
ADAPTIONS is an adjustment in the body or behaviour of an organisms to its environment 1-anatomical adapt= physical characteristics of living things that enable them to carry out a specific activity 2- behavioral adapt = are actions that organisms carry out that benefit them in some way 
1.The presence of water ·plants= most of their water through their leaves 
· animals = have depveloped waterproof outer coverings 
2.Light 1- photosynthetic organisms (captures as much light as possible)
          2. Many animals exhibit nocturnal behaviour , diurnal behaviour 
3. Temperature 1-plants lose leaves and their metabolic activity is reduced to a minimum during the cold seasons 
2- one animals migrate or hibernate 
1- intraespecific relationships= occur between individual of the same species that enable them to better care for their offspring 
- family associations = composed of individuals who related to one another 
- gregarious assoc= are formed by individuals , not necessarily relarted to each other 
-social assoc= made up of individuals that form a hierarchy and organize a division.
-colonial association = are formed by individuals that have the same progenitor 
2 interspecific relationship 
-competiton= is a relationship in which both species are harmful
-predation =is a relationship in which one organism is harmful an the other is benefit 
-parasitism= is a relationship that one is benefit ande the other organism is 
mutualism = two organisms are benefit
 commensalism = is relationship which benefits one species and does not affect 

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