A body is placed in a certain airstream

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internal come into action wen patogens pass external defences, form immune response. Innate immunity non especific. Pagocytes surround and consume unwanted material taken out in form of pus. Infammation stops patogens tat ave entered te body from multiplying and increase blood flow,sweying and reddening on skin, macropages sent to te affected area of te body. Acquired immunity,specific response to recognised patogens "antigens", wite blood ceys.Lympocyte B-ceys recognise and turn into antibody producing plasma ceys, antibodies are proteins tat destroy specific antigens, oters turn into memory ceys tat store te info ans respond quickly if te same antigen enters te body again. Lympocyte T-ceys produce enzymes tat destroy te damaged ceys.A vaccine is used for immunistaion making people immune to a contagious disease, antibiotics stop bacteria growing and multiplying.Antivirals kiying parasitic viruses.Antisera antivenom. Fungicides kiying or stopping growt of fungus.

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