A body is placed in a certain airstream

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HOMEOSTATIC PROCESS: maintain the body's stability when there're changes in the internal enviroment.It allows the org to maintain a balanced condition so they can function properly.Feedback device.
THE central NERVOUS SYSTEM:made up of nerve centres(q integrate info recibida y genera resp). Está formado x el brain y x la spinal cord. 3membranas llamadas meninges(entre protectin bone y los org). Que son:the dura,the archnoid and the pia mater
The central nervous tissue tiene 2 tipos d tissue:
"Grey matter":made up of cell bodies and dendrites q control centres that carry functions  and "white matter":axons cov in myelin
THE SPINAL CORD:covered of nerve tissue that runs through the spinal canal.Hay un peq channel in the grey matter(it's in the center) called "ependyma".   La spinal cord has 2 functions: "it produces reflex actions": acciones x una resp a un stimulus sin la part del brain. "It carries sensory nerv impul towards the brain motor nerve imp from the brain to the effector organs"

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