A body is placed in a certain airstream

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Concepts needed to study the movement of a body: Reference frame (An oriented straight line in which motion occurs. It presents an origin and an axis.) position (The distance between the object and the origin of the reference frame.) displacement (Difference between any two positions). A body moves when it varies its position regard to the origin of the reference frame. The velocity is the measurement of the rate at which bodies move. The acceleration is the measurement of the rate at which the velocity of a body varies. Types of motion: uniformly accelerated motion (There is a constant positive acceleration) uniform motion (The velocity is maintained, so its acceleration is zero) a force is any interaction between two bodies by contact or at a distance that causes a deformation or a change in their state of resting or motion are measured in Newton. Vectors are arrowhead segments showing the factors of a force. Factors in a force expressed in a vector: Direction(An imaginary line on which the force acts) magnitude (Value of the force that is represented by the length of the arrow) Point of application of the force, sense (There are two senses in one direction)

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