Behaviouralism disregards political culture

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The Holocaust: The Nazi regime was profoundly anti-Semitic. In germany Nazi-ocupied countries. Jewish people were marginated, persecuted and forced to live in ghettos. As the progressed, Jewish people were sent to concentration camps where they were systematically killed. By the end of the war, approximately 6 million Jews had died in a planned genocide known as the Holocaust.

The Nazis also systematically killed other groups of people, including Roma, Slavs, homosexuals, political and religious opponents, people with physical disabilities and prisoners of war.

Genocide is the systematic extermination of people who share a particular nationality, ethnic background, culture or religion.

People who were too young, old, or ill to work were executed by firing squads or exterminated in gas chambers. The victims´bodies were buried in mass graves or burnt in enormous ovens.

UNICEF-United Nations Children's Emergency Fund
UNESCO-the United Nations Educational, Scientific
IMF-The International Monetary Fund
UNHCR-he UN High Commissioner for Refugees
WHO-world heard organitation. 

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