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-I’m Sorry. A) There isn’t an available table at the moment

but one Should be available shortly B) your table will be ready in a little while

Would you Like to drink something meanwhile/while you wait?

-I Do apologise, madam. We are short-staffed but I’ll clean it immediately or

I’ll clear It straightaway

-I’m So sorry, sir/madam/miss. Could you repeat your order for me/again, please?

-I’m Afraid (that) I can’t help you. I’ll get the wine waiter/sommelier to come and Help you.

-My Apologies, sir. A) I’ll bring you a chilled one

B) I’ll bring (you) the wine cooler/ice bucket straightaway

        -     My apologies, sir. It wasn’t my intention/ I didn’t mean      to offend you.

        -  I’m sorry for the inconvenience, sir/madam

-  Unfortunately, the coulant has been finished/ Is not on the menu/

is not Available this evening/ has run out. I suggest the Sacher, instead/

Would you Like something else instead?

I’m so sorry, sir. I’ll bring you a fresh one Immediately! It’s on

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