Analysis of historical texts: The Cartagena Manifesto

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Cartagena Manifesto (15 December 1812)
Cartagena Manifesto is the first document capitals. Bolivar was written when he was twenty years there is palpable quality that was remarkable in the statesman. Analyze the cause of the collapse of the First Republic, and proposes a strategy that seemed vibrant materially result for the attack which crystallizes in the Second Republic formed after the epic of the Admirable Campaign. Letter from Jamaica (6 September 1815) There appears the penetrating intelligence of Bolivar showing prophetic gifts, there is nothing magician, or sorcerer, is straight and accurate view of a coherent political mind with precision and balance that provides the future according to data from the present. Bolivar Responds to Mr. Henry Cullen, a good friend of this America hard, interested in knowing the historical causes of our misfortunes. It is noteworthy that Bolivar writes book in Kingston without any consultation and without yet having crossed the southernHowever such gaps dares advance predictions have been fulfilled with astonishing accuracy. Bolivar is a historian of the future, a historian or history of developing more thought out, with reference to securities ie historiosophy. Underlying economic, political, social, ideological, parade through his thought before to anticipate the Spanish American would be divided into fifteen or more independent republics, that Mexico is a Republic, represented by a life-if it performs its duties with wisdom and justice, or that otherwise bring the monarchy supported by the military or aristocratic party. 4. Speech of Angostura (February 15, 1,819) is the principal of the Bolivarian writings. Composite amid hazards of the campaign, endorses the concept of the abstract knew among the most diverse circumstances. Bolivar could think and concentrate on their intellectual work and in the tragic crash of battles like in the holidays merry budged nothing disturbed him. The SpeechAngostura is produced when you are refunded the Republic in its third and final. The structure of this exemplary piece: I Introduction, returning power to the people, II examination of the critical time he lives; III presentation of the draft constitution in its Bolivar deploys task plural social knowledge, law, politics, stories; enters the domain of sociology and philosophy, to support his observations: IV's speech continued with a synthetic account of the proceedings until then, all summarized under four headings: the abolition of slavery, land distribution, Institutes of the order of the liberators of the vote and ratification committed to the decision of parental death: V then there is an emphatic recommendation on the national debt, and concludes with the projection inspired and enthusiastic about the Gran Colombia.

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