+what did Alexander the great dreamed of achieving

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·Important trails. Oregon Trail, Santa Fe Trail and Marron Trail.

·Cannestoga wagon  And praire schooner were used for transportation

·France used to occupy Lousiana; Spain the West Florida, Southwest, Texas.

·Immigration came from Great Britain, Germany, China, Spain, Ireland, France, Italy, Scotland, Greece because of war, poverty, Seeking jobs, revolutions, etc. Came through the Golden Door and San Francisco Bay.

·Important waterways- Erie Canal and Hudson River

·The steamboat was the most important water transport

·People moved west because of job opportunity and the Gold rush

·Being a cowboy was romanticized

·Steam engine caused a boom in the economy and Industrial activities.

·Important ballads of that time were: Oh Susana, The Old Settler´s Song, Lovely Ohio, Paddy works on the railroad.

· Authors of Federal papers: James Madison, John Hay, Alexander Hamilton.

·James Cooper wrote novels of adventure

·Benjamin Franklin wrote an autobiography

·Edgar Allan Poe gave a turn to Romanticism writing horror. Best gothic writer.  Books like: The Cask Of Amontillado.

·Modern American poets: Walt Whitman and Emily Dickinson

·William Wells Brown wrote about African Americans. One Of his works is Clotel.

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