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Systems: are formed by organs, share the necesary task to perform the functions

Nutrition: DIGESTIVE SYSTEM: prepares ingested foods RESPIRATORY SISTEM: carries the oxigen CIRCULATORY SYSTEM: share oxygen and nutrients EXCRETORY SYSTEM: realases excretory substances

Interaction: NERVOUS SYSTEM: recives infromation from the enviroment ENDOCRINE SYSTEM: secret hormones in different ways SKELETAL AND MUSCULAR SYSTEM: encharged of movement SENSE ORGANS: capture important information 

Food and nutrients: CARBOHIDRATES: give as energy and can be pound in many of the foods we eat. Solouble in water SIMPLE CARBOHIDRATES: have a sweat taste, include glucose COMPLEX CARBOHIDRATES: are not sweet an important one is strach (almidón)

Lipids: They are not soluble and have an oily apearance. FATS: full of energy, can be saturated or unsatured

Proteins: these nutrients are the most important structural molecules, formed by amino acids. Organic nutrients: carbohidrates, lipids and proteins

Mineral salts: Inorganic substances that have different functions in the body: structural or regulation of cellular metabolic reactions

Water : Is the most common molecule in our body is 63% and it acts as a soluent for other nutrients.

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