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Alzheimer: Destruction of neurons in cerebral cortex (loss of memory disorientation, weird behavior…)

Parkinson: Involuntary tembling (Hands and loss of muscle strength)
M.Scleriosis: Related to Inmune system, myelin sheaths and neurons destroy each other (entire body)
Amyotrophic L.S: Neuromuscular disorder, loss of function and death of motor neurons; slow paralysis and death
Schizophrenia: Lack of coordination between thoughts, feelings and actions. Person living an isolated life
Neurosis: Chronic disorders that come from an intense internal conflict due to an inability to adapt to reality
Bulimia and anorexia: mental disorder related to eating
Infectious diseases: Meningitis (swelling of membranes surrounding spinal cord) and poliomyelitis (swelling of motor neurons in nervous system. Atrophy and paralysis)
Epilepsy: Seizures and loss of consciousness (caused by genetics, tumours, head injuries…)
Narcolepsy: Autoinmune disease that may be genetic, provokes uncontrollable sleepiness, hallucinations.

Diabetes: Chronic disease, pancreas does´t produce insulin nor use it; blood sugar levels increase (hyperglycemia, which can harm heart kidneys and retina) and the system regulator does´t work. Diabetes mellitus type 1: Juvenile/ Insulin dependent. Can´t be prevented. Diabetes M. type 2: Non insulin dependent; most frequent.
Hypothyroidism: Thyroid gland doesn´t produce thyroxine, reduces metabolic activity, not enough iodine
Hyperthyroidism: Excess production of thyroxine, + metabolic act. (Swallen and warm skin, bulging eyes, nervousness and tachycardia)

 Astigmatism: Curvature of lens that produces a deformed image of the objects on the retina
Myopia: Eyeball too long, focus of distant objects isn´t formed on the retina, but in front of it, creating a blurry image
Hyperopia/Farsightedness: Eyeball too short, image of nearby objects is formed behind the retina, blurred
Presbyopia: GradualLoss of eye´s ability to focus and produce a clear image of nearby objects on the retina.
Colour blindness/Daltonism: Congetinal disease characterized by an inability to distinguish certain colours.
Conjuntivitis: Inflamation of the conjunctiva of the eye as a result of an infection or allergy.
Cataracts: Lens becomes opaque blocking passage of light
Otitis: Inflammation of the ear. External (Swimmer). Can be caused by bacteria developing in the ear canal. Can also take place in middle air.
Psoriasis: Chronic non-contagious inflammatory skin disease characterized by the appearance os scaly lesions that become thickened and inflamed.

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