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1Agrarian activity

agrarian activities are those  activities which involve the production of animal or plant materias. They are classified into agriculture livestock and forestry
1.1factors of production
thise elements that facilitate the developed of agricultural activities
physical factors:relief:altitude and steep terrain difficult flat terrain is best type/climate:limet or benefice the crops/ground:supportsand nourishes plants are key elements in forestry and livestock production
human factors:population,economic and twchnological development,land ownership,shape and size of land,agrarian policies
1.2production systems
agrarian activities use a range of crop,livestock and foresty production systems.
water usage:is essencial,dry farming crops need rain water, irrigated crops need extra water
use of the land:extensive,large field less producing usin tradicional techniques and more using mechanised agricultural systems
crop variety:polyculture monoculture
technology used:having animals perform tasks or using machinery
sice of the farm:smallholding less than 10 hectares, state farm more tan 100 hectares

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