Before acquiring a dog

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I want to be
We think about our future jobs since we are kids.
When I was little I wanted to be a teacher,a dentist,an actress.Recently I realized that I actually want to be a veterinarian.
I have always loved animals and playing with them.They can always make you happy and cheer you up even on your worst days.When I was little,I used to go to a pet store every day.I enjoyed watching those wonderful creatures.My parents bought me a dog for twelfth birthday and I started loving animals even more.
I decided to become a veterinarian a few months ago.My sister and I were playing in a backyard when we heard some noise.It was a hurt dog.We told our dad about it and he took us to the veterinarian.The Veterinarian was very careful and patient and he saved the dog.
Veterinarians protect the health of animals.They diagnose and treat animal diseases.They make sure that animals eat the right food.If you want to do this,you have to understand animals.
I know that if I want to do this I will have to study and work really hard.Im ready to learn more about animals because I want to be able to help them.I hope that my dream will come true.

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