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F- Jefferson


1. 1769 member of the House of Burgesses Virginia

2. 1775 a Virginia delegate to the Continental congress in Philadelphia

3. 1776 wrote the Declaration of Independence

4. During the war- A Virginia legistlator and governor

5. 1785 ministered to France

6. 1789 became George Washington’s Secretary of State

7. 1796 Vice President to John Adams

8. 1800-1808 President of the USA


1. Author of DOI

2. Author of Statue of Virginia for Religious Freedom

3. Father of University of Virginia

4. Louisiana Purchase— MAJOR SUCCESS


1. Pirates of Tripoli- they were attaching ships and crew int he Mediterranean, Jefferson sent navy to stop this

 2. Marbury vs. Madison 

3. British use Impressment to gain a lot of sailers 

4. Much pressure to go to war. The navy was experienced but they were small in number and size/small guns boats, mosquito fleet

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