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the whigs party. It was applied to those who opposed, on religious grounds the succession of the Roman Catholic James, duke of York, to the throne of england. After the glorious revolution the whigs party adhered the following principles: 1. They advocated personal freedom. 2. Maintained the king governed at the people's consent. Sovereignty rested, ultimately with the people. 4 there were strong supporters of William III and his wife Mary. 

the whigs were the party of the new financial and. Mercantile interests. They were opposed the growing middle classes. The tory party: 1. Authority of the Church of England. 2. Catholics bandits in ireland. 3 the divine right of kinship. 4 parliamentary privilege based on the ownership of land. // irish famine: occurred from 1846 to 1852 and caused one million deaths as well as two million migrations. Was much more destructive of human life than the majority of famines in modern times. There was a real lack of food. Background of irish famine: the economic doctrines of laissez-faire. Laissez held that there should be as little government interference with the economy as possible. The protestant evangelical belief in divine providence: belief among members of the british upper and middle class that the famine was a divine judgement. Ethnic prejudice against the catholic irish: moralism.

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