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Digestive system:Def: Set of organs that are reponsible for carrying out digestion, this is for transforming food into simple substances that pass into the blood and eliminate undigested remains. Function: Provide nutrients to cells by digesting food

Stomach: Muscled organ "J" shaped, located in the abdominal cavity beneath the diaphragm. It dilates when filled with food. On its internal wall there are gastric glands which secrete gastric acid and mucus. The mucus stops the gastric acid form attacking the stomach's own walls.

Function: Pancreas: Exocrine: It secrets pancreatic juice in the small intestine(duodenum) through the ampulla of Vater. Contains enzymes capble of digesting molecules present in food. Endocrine: Secretion of hormones into blood. Ex: Insulin, regulates the transport of glucose inside the cell.

Function: Liver: Produce bile(helps in the digestion of lipids), Glucose store  (which forms glycogen) Resevoir of blood. Elimination of toxic substance from the blood(Ex: alcochol). Recycling red blood cells which non-useful parts are excreted(bile pigments)

Liver: Secrets Bile: It is stored in the gallblader(little bag) It is poured into the duodenum through the ampulla of Vater. It lacks digestive enzymes. Contains bile salts that facilities the emulsion(break) of fats for digestive juice digest them.

Heart: Pericardium: Most external layer. Double- walled sact that encloses the heart. Mycordaium: Middle layer. Thick layer of contracile muscle tissue whose contractions propel the blood. Endocarium: Most internal layer. Connective tissue that lines the inner cavities of the heart and made up the valves.

Cardiac parameters: Blood preassure: It is the preassure exectred by blood on the walls of the blood vessels. This preassure is stroger during systole, when it is provoked by heart an lower when it is provoked by expanded arteries during diastole Nomal adult blood pressure is less thn 140sytolic and less than 80 diastolic although there values are relative.

Cardiac parameters: Blood preassure: Sytolic blood preassure(top): This is the maximum blood preassure in the cardiovascular system. It is coincident with ventricular systole. Diastolic blood preassure(bottom): Tihs is the minimum blood preassure in the arterie. It is councident with ventricular diastole. 

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